These days, there are relatively few sources for hand-carved, original, custom architectural elements from natural stone. Unfortunately the stonecutting process truly is becoming a lost art.

We follow your designs or can produce our designs for your approval, providing engineering aspects and detailed shop drawings as required. We work with owners, builders, designers and architects on the technical aspects of a project with the shared goals of maximizing the effect of the stone while saving money, simplifying installations and easing the interface with other trades. We use SolidWorks computer aided drawing to produce accurate shop drawings. And, most importantly, we believe that while stone rarely now is used as a structural element in a design, it still should exude that quality of real, structural permanence that  has allowed it to endure the foibles and eccentricities of architectural styles throughout the ages—you won't see miters, thin butt joints or any design element that betrays a non-structural, non-authentic installation.

We provide:
  • natural stone features in a variety of tones that complement any color palette.
  • a custom design that promotes authenticity and is tailored to fit the space perfectly.
  • engineering services as required.
  • hand-crafted, quality workmanship.
  • safe and secure transportation to the job site.
  • guaranteed installation with no interface problems.
  • the craftsmanship and professionalism that guarantees happy customers.
  • happy customers who provide repeat business and referrals.
Our competition comes from fake stone; cast stone from molds; CNC mass-produced stone elements; and cheap Mexican/Indian/Chinese imports.

Quite often we are faced with the situation where a customer, designer or contractor has received a quote for a cast fireplace and then asks us to match the price. Many times, we are, in fact, in the ballpark when you factor in all the "add-ons" associated with most high-end cast suppliers—hearth, infill, packaging, insurance, shipping, installation; not to mention the headaches associated with trying to make a standard product fit a unique installation! However, asking us to match cast pricing is tantamount to asking a finish carpenter to use mahogany but  match a price quote from someone using wood-grained Formica! 

 Unfortunately many producers of cast stone products promote their material as "real" stone. Yes, perhaps it does have some "ground-up limestone" in it—it also has epoxy, resin, cement...  The value of natural stone lies in its durability and strength, its ancient feel, timeless quality, aesthetic appeal and its adaptability to any decor style. The value of a Stonecutters' installation lies in our craftsmanship, professionalism—and experience.

 On the other end of the spectrum, we have found homeowners who will go to great lengths (and expense) to make a "statement." They have the mindset that importing a fireplace surround fabricated in France or Italy or England makes it "special" and therefore more valuable. What they fail to recognize is a craftsman is a craftsman is a craftsman no matter where he hangs his shingle! Indeed Stonecutters has been brought in to install, repair and even reproduce elements of expensive imported products—products we could have produced for much less, with superior stone, no breakage, and with a guaranteed perfect fit.

When cost is the driving factor for a customer, then one of the above alternatives should be considered. When quality, authenticity and craftsmanship drive the decision-making process, then Stonecutters is the right choice.